People Who Love Instant Noodles Are Lame

I still don’t understand why people love them so much.

Laila Khairina
3 min readMay 10, 2022
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People seem to love instant noodles more than they love their parents.

Every time I participate in a conversation about food, instant noodles never failed to be mentioned as the best food that ever existed in the world.

People love to ramble about how instant noodles save their butt from being kicked out of the university. Instant noodles seem to be the savior for those punished with an empty wallet situation. Apparently, they can cure depression too, according to my friend.

Egg fried rice, move aside. You could never dethrone instant noodles from his podium.

I seriously don’t understand.

Out of every delicacy that exists in this world, they pick one of the most overrated dishes.

This is not British, we have a lot of dishes filled with spices. Why would anyone be so foolish to think instant noodles are the best dish in the world when we have Rendang, Soto, and other dishes with better flavours.

Also, people love to argue that the cooking technique makes a lot of difference in the taste. As if.

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Why would it make any difference cooking in aluminium pot versus an earthen pot? Are we going to argue scientifically here?

Also, I accuse the technique of “exposing the noodles to cold air” that Koreans love to preach as bogus. Picking the noodle up while it is boiling does not make the texture of the noodles chewier. The instruction for cooking instant noodles on the back of the package is clear enough. Unless you put different ingredients inside, I doubt the technique is going to make a significant difference in taste.

People are being methodical for no reason, all in an effort to make instant noodles a more sophisticated dish.

Can it even be classified as a dish? Shouldn’t it be closer to being called a box of preservatives with carbohydrates inside?

Every time I eat instant noodles, I nearly gag due to the smell of the chemical inside. My belly can’t stomach more than one package of noodles without me feeling nauseous the entire day. The smell of preservatives also lingers in my mouth even after I brush my teeth.

In conclusion, instant noodles are seriously the worst.

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But instant noodles offer more than taste.

People bond over instant noodles. When someone mentions instant noodles, people instantly relate to each other despite having met for the first time not that long ago. Instant noodles are the cigarette in the food world. They offer unity.

Instant noodles encapsulate all the memories in someone’s life, be they a bad memory or a good ones. Maybe it is locked in the warmth of the broth. Or perhaps, it is the power of the mighty MSG.

I’ll be truthful. I am jealous. I also want to join the force of noodle lovers.

When people are debating about which instant noodles flavor they love the most, I could only keep my mouth silent. A FOMO seeps through my brain. I want to be included too.

I don’t know how to join the club. My belly is too posh to accept the warmness of a bowl of instant noodles. I am not that adventurous, but I am willing to try.

I need your assistance, instant noodle lovers. Spread your love for instant noodles to me. I am ready to change my mind.



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