Don’t Think About Quality Until You Write 100 Articles

Laila Khairina
2 min readApr 25, 2022
Photo by Digital Content Writers India on Unsplash

Dear fellow new writers,

I stopped by to deliver this quick but hopefully a message to learn.

If you happen to meet this uninvited visitor during your writing journey,

this undeniably wicked and evil creature

who loves to creep between the words you type

and makes you doubt yourself,

you better avoid them and stand by your writing.

The creature, whose name is pride,

which has hindered me from writing regularly

and make me question my skill, my passion, even my existence,

I wish for it not to come to you alongside its friend, excuse.

You love writing, so do it.

Do it even though you feel like you can’t differentiate the difference between a turd and your pieces,

Do it even though an obligation called “Binging Netflix” knocked on your door and tried to lure you.

You shall sit and let your thought carries you away

and let your fingers dance on your dusty old keyboard.

Please wait till you are allowed to have pride,

you may allow yourself to write only the well-researched and good quality pieces.

But till you hit a total of 100 articles,

please don’t allow your pride to come.

For anything that pushes you away from writing,

shall be banished from the earth.



Laila Khairina

Obviously a new writer. Will appear when she feels like it.